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GBM Trade Schools


Can you imagine being an impoverished, Christian woman in a society that wants to make you convert to Islam before giving you a job? That is the story of some of the women at the GBM trade schools in Pakistan. There are testimonies of abuse and great oppression.

Some of the Christian girls are forced to earn a living by working at the homes of conservative Muslim men who would take advantage of them. There are reports of rapes, abuse, and forced conversion to Islam if they wanted to keep their job.

Yet, now these women are being given a chance to learn a trade in the sewing industry at centers that honor the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


In June of 2009, we established our first trade school in Shamirpur Village in Sialkot Pakistan. Later that summer, we started another sewing school in Arayanwalla Village. By the end of 2012, we had started 6 Trade schools in Pakistan. Over the years, we have moved the schools as the needs of one community were fulfilled in order to meet the educational needs in another community.

Gate Breaker Ministries provides the sewing machines, material, and other accessories, as well as the teachers’ monthly salary for each of the six trade schools. A dozen or more women are being trained in each school for one to two years to become competent seamstresses and textile workers. Though the centers were created primarily to help impoverished Christian women in a Muslim-dominated society, Muslim women or others are welcome to attend. Along with their education each day the centers pray to Jesus and have a biblical devotion. For these precious women, this training can be their only means to escape poverty.

Student Income

At this time all six schools are receiving some income. Clients bring clothes that need repair, and others buy material and then contract to have clothes made. The income from these clients goes to the students.

The trade school in Khaliq Nagar is also teaching women to become beauticians. This includes not only hair styling but hand prints which can fetch a good income. The training centers provide a one-year certificate and a two-year diploma. As of 2016, GBM trade schools had graduated 200 women with diplomas.

Commercial Impact

The Christian sector of Pakistan is only 1.6% of the population.  There are very few businesses owned by Christians. This restricts commerce within the Christian colonies. These trade schools will create and buy from other Christians, thus creating commerce within the Christian community.  The objectives behind the trade schools are:

    • To provide training for disadvantaged Christian women
    • Help create commerce in the Christian community
    • Increase opportunity to share the gospel message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Future Goals

Another great way for women in Pakistan to earn a good living is through midwifery. An experienced midwife can make up to $18,000 per year. GBM is working with pastors and businessmen in Pakistan to start its first trade school for midwives. This would be a 15 to 18 month program that would certify women to become midwives.

Thank you for supporting GBM

GBM is growing in ministry and mission but needs finances for the vision that the Lord has cast for places like Pakistan.

Would you be interested in helping to start one of these trade schools in Pakistan? GBM is looking for people to both start and sponsor trade schools. It takes about $2,000 to start a school. Additionally, it takes about $100 per month to support each one.

Please contact me if you are interested. You may be an individual who is interested, or you may pastor a church that would like to get involved, or you may even be a Sunday school teacher who would like do it as a fund raising project with your Sunday school children. The Lord will use it all.