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 Welcome to Gate Breakers

GBM is a Christian non-profit ministry that engages in teaching, leadership development, missions, and mercy ministries. 

This website contains apologetics resources for both Christians and truth-seekers alike, including free mp3 sermons, video clips, pdf downloads, and numerous articles concerning faith, reason, and world religions/cults. 

You can learn more about GBM's missional efforts throughout the world by checking out the "Media" page. GBM is currently actively supporting ministries in Kenya and Pakistan, and we also lead yearly missions trips to Israel and Mexico.

Click the hyperlink to watch a short video about the GBM sewing/vocational training centers in Pakistan for disadvantaged women. We currently support six sewing centers, and these centers have empowered dozens of women with the skills and resources they need to provide for themselves and their families. Please consider making a donation through GBM to these sewing centers today. It is a worthwhile investment for these struggling women.

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