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Dr. Stan Fleming and his family currently live in Meridian, Idaho. After many years as senior pastor at the House of the Lord in Oldtown, Idaho, Dr. Fleming launched Gate Breaker Ministries with a desire to help Christians understand cults and other religions. His own search for the truth took him through some of these belief systems as well as many strange experiences before he found that Jesus is the truth.
He has two degrees in education (University of Nevada; Whitworth College), a doctorate of practical ministry (Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry), and 30 years of ministry experience.

The author of several books, he is a seminar speaker and a faculty member of Ecola Bible School (Cannon Beach, OR), Baja Bible School (Tijuana, Mexico), and Christian Life Educator’s Network (Columbus, GA) through which he teaches on cults, world religions, and the history of the early Church. Not restricted to apologetic teachings, Fleming has also preached inspirational, pastoral, and prophetic messages throughout the United States, as well as in over twenty foreign countries. He is a council member of the Chinese Gospel Church of Dublin, Ireland, a board member of New Life Border Ministries in Fabens, Texas, and an active member of Capital Christian Center (Meridian, Idaho) where he attends church when at home.

He believes strongly in the verse which says, “You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

Personal Testimony
Dr. Stan Fleming

Me in 1978 after graduating from University of Nevada.bmpWhy would the Lord use a pastor from northern Idaho to write about cults / religions and travel internationally teaching on the subject? For one thing - nothing is impossible for God! Plus, He also knows my history.

Praise God for his healing power! Some claim physical healing; I can proclaim miraculous mental healing. I was clinically diagnosed with bottom level paranoia schizophrenia in the early 1970's. Yet, the psychiatrist didn't know the half of it: a deep search for the truth led me into philosophy, eastern religions, drugs, the occult, sun staring, astral projection, wandering through the primitive wilderness as a madman, and jail time, etc. I approached mind enlightenment with the same zeal that I used in my teen age years to achieve eagle scout, karate, debate, ROTC, and flying, as well as an expertise in practical jokes and hippie carnality.

Similar in extremes to the time that I jumped across the chasm near Flagstaff at age fourteen, almost loosing my life - was my jump into mind expansion. In high school, there were three of us who were the best of friends: Storm H., Phil V. and myself. The tragic death of Storm also caused Phil and I - with sober consideration - to ponder life's deep meaning. In my search, I held nothing back and checked out of reality for several years, thinking I was everything from the Anti-Christ to Jesus Christ.

Do you know that people can get totally mesmerized to reality? That's where I went: sights, sounds, conversations, radio, television, rainbows - everything! It was all about me. Egotistical? Quite! But I believed everyone else had died and gone to heaven. I was trapped in sensory unbelief. Every dream and waking moment, my objective was to break out and go to heaven. I knew just enough about Christianity to be dangerous. But a man named Tad witnessed to me and yelled across a warehouse one day, saying, "I'm telling you, Stan, Jesus is the Light of the World." The Lord also showed me a vision of Jesus one night while I was astral projecting. It was unexpected. Was there a God that could rescue me? I began weeping and said, "If there is a God in heaven, please come and save this man because I am going over the edge." He answered and gave me a guiding light, leading me out of that darkest pit. Over time, my mind was transformed.

Today, I know why people start cults and religions and can understand how many of them think. In my search, I walked through the many fallacious thoughts, and I was involved in a cult and the occult. That's probably why - years later as a Christian - the Spirit of the Lord urged me to write Gate Breakers for my doctoral dissertation project. It is an equipping tool for Christians to help them understand and answer cults and world religions since ungrounded Christians are a primary target of such groups.

By God's grace, I am now happily married and have great kids. I pastored a wonderful church in northern Idaho for many years - The House of the Lord. Now, I am located in Meridian, Idaho, and I am serving as a Mission's Pastor at another wonderful church - Capital Christian Center. I am president and minister of Gate Breaker Ministries, through which I travel to many countries sharing about the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Perhaps a bit of God's majestic humor is found in this: Transformed from a mind that could not think straight for seven seconds, I earned a B.S. in Education; an M.A. in Teaching; and a Doctorate in Practical Ministry. He took an introvert and turned him into a teacher. God is faithful! He longs to see all captives set free!